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Hi All!

For a project I tried to figure out something new usig arduino. So I tried integrating an RC plug ability in my project.
I Found a link for using these cheap RC power plugs with arduino. Had some lying around and bought a 433MHz transmitter.

Now as a noob in electronics AND communication protocols ( seriously I know 0% of this ) I just can't get the communication between the arduino and the plugs right..

This is the link including the library and some information

And this is the link giving some information about my outlets  (it's the chacon type I have)

It is maybe a very open question, but I don't know anything about all this stuff, my arduino skills are also very basic.. so, help would be much appreciated!

can someone help me, by tweaking the given programs a little bit?

thanks in advance!

also, this is the transmitter I am using :



The RC-Switch has an example sketch to detect the protocol and the timing and the identifier for the used remote switches.
You should first use a receiver and receive the communication.

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