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Author Topic: SPI problem using nrf 24l01+ modules and SD log Shield  (Read 479 times)
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Hi all,

I'm new here  smiley

Here is my problem : i'm using
-2 arduino mega 2560
-2 nrf 24l01+ modules
-1 SD log shield (this one

I had to make a little change on my SD shield because i'm using a mega : in order to divert SPI pins (10 11 12 13 on the SD shield vs 53 51 50 52 on the mega), i followed this link: .

Nrf 24l01+ modules also use those pins, and here comes my pb:

When I plug pins (module nrf + SD) excepted SD SCK pin, it works fine for the RF module (of course SD can't initialize).

//     RF    Arduino           SD   
//GND       GND
//3V3        3V3
//CE         53                 10
//CSN       48                 
//SCK       52                  unplugged
//MOSI     51                  11
//MISO     50                  12

But when i plug the whole pins the RF module can't communicate with his pair...
Maybe it is something Master/Slave related?
Do you know that kind of problems?

Thank for your help!

Central MN, USA
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Thanks to your links I know quite a bit about the SD logger shield. How about that other device nrf 24l01+? Need a link to that.

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