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Some will probably ask me why i dont just use a position servo so i will reveal right away that i need to control the torque, NOT the position.

You could use torque feedback to control the position of a standard servo just as easily as you could use it to control the torque of a DC motor - probably *more* easily in fact, since the servo already incorporates a feedback system which ensures that it meets your demanded position accurately, whereas you can only guess at the approximate relationship between current and torque from a DC motor since the relationship varies all over the places as the motor moves.

If you can get a servo capable of providing the torque you need, I recommend that you use that instead of the motor.


Of cause - i get it now.

After installing a button everything is working well.
Now i have control of the speed and the direction of the motor.
So i guess the next step is PID? or am i goint too fast again?

You are probably right, but this is proof of concept on a patent. So i MUST build a system that works by reading a torque transducer and using that signal to apply torque (not position controlled) to the wheels on the road in order to make them turn.


So i guess the next step is PID? or am i goint too fast again?

No, you are right on track.

But what about a single function that controls the speed and direction of the motor ? Like I wrote before with a parameter from -1000 to +1000. That way the PID can be set to those limits and the function will take care of the direction.

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