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Author Topic: how would i code this  (Read 1080 times)
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Do you know the relationship well?

The look up matrix idea would require that you know the output value for pairs of inputs; alternatively if you know the output as a function of the inputs then that's a simple matter of coding something like on-time = (0.5 x pot-time) + (thermistor-value^1.3) + 24 or whatever.

On the other hand if the relationship is fuzzy, well fuzzy logic might be good and I see from this thread that there is an Arduino fuzzy logic library.

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this is what i have so far. just coding for Serial feed back. it works good, now just need to get it to control and injector. but we can just use a led for testing right now.

int pot = A1; // pin for the potentiometer
int output = 10; // pin that the out put is on
int potval,tempval = 0; // variable for storing the valve from the potentiometer
int temp = A2; // pin for the 10k thermistor

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(9600);      // for debugging via the Serial Monitor

void loop() {
  potval = analogRead(pot);  // read the value from the sensor
  tempval = analogRead(temp);
  Serial.print("temp                 ");

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