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Trying to get an lcd to work with liquidCrystal.   Using Arduino Uno rev3.  The hello world sketch http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/LiquidCrystal does display any characters..

[I actually have two Arduino Unos and a mega - get the same results with all three boards].

When I measure the on the pins I get the following and wondered if that is expected.

Voltages measured without the display attached and separately on the display itself.
Data pins 2,3,4 and 5 1.5 to 5 V
RS - 3.5V
Enable pin 0.18V   ** this troubles me but???

the potentiometer varies the display

Suggestions on what to try next are needed/wanted


Voltage measurements on the data or control lines are meaningless so don't let the results trouble you.

We need photographs and code in order to help you.  When you read through some of the other posts on this board you will get an idea of exactly what this entails.


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