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Try this example to see what is going on
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int iA = 123;
int iB = 456;

float fA = 123;
float fB = 456;

void setup()


void loop() {}
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Thank you UKHeliBob for making that "easy to learn" example. I got it working:)

Nick Gammon

Nick Gammon:
I can see on a lcd what the values are so it is easy to check if i get the same as on a calculator

Yes, but that doesn't answer my question. What values did you see and what values did you get on the calculator?

That's like saying "I got a sock out of my sock drawer and it wasn't the colour I expected."

Right. What colour did you get, and what colour did you expect to get?


Sorry about that..

I expected to get 4.4 when Points =88 and elapsedTime =20.00
instead i got -1

Nick Gammon

I see. I can't reproduce that:

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void setup ()
  Serial.begin (115200);
  int Points = 88;
  long elapsedTime = 20;
  Serial.println (Points / elapsedTime);
  }  // end of setup

void loop () { }


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