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Have you measured the voltage between the GND and 5V pins of the Arduino after waking up? Is it the same as before going to sleep?


I have just measured, and in the first wake up I have 4,9 and go down to 4,7 but in the second one go down to 4,2 or minus, so I think that the capacitors discharge in the first one and dont have time to recharge, so in the second one they drops the voltage!!!

What do you think?

Thanks for help.



It looks like it's a hardware problem (a power problem to be exact). Can you make a picture showing all your wiring? Or do you have schematics showing all hardware of your project?

If you have a power supply I would try to power it by that and see if you still have these voltage drops.


Do you ever try to use external power supply? USB power only supply your system under 500 mA.


Sorry for my late answer, this is that i'am doing now, trying to put a external power supply, because now i have another problem, arduino resets on his own, I disconect all, and only whit the microrelay, when relay change to off, it rests, the relay consumes 10mA and it is powered by digital output, but maybe it is to much change for USB.

Tomorrow I try to put the schematic.


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