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Hi all,

Whilst the Arduino platform has given me a brilliant introduction to microcontrollers, however - I'm beginning to do more and more outside of the Arduino IDE with environments such as Atmel Studio, and plan to do a little with MPLab etc.

How would one go about viewing data sent to a computers USB port, without the Arduino's Serial Monitor. I use both OS X and Windows 7, so solutions for both would be brilliant. Primarily, I'm not sure what to type in to Google to look this up myself!

Many thanks in advance.


Rob Tillaart

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Well, now I've got a bit of a problem - I used the ls/dev/tty.* command to find my USB ports, and the screen /dev/tty.usbmodemfd131 command to start comms. The baud rate is obviously wrong so I just quit... now the Arduino IDE can't use that port as it says it is in use.


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