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I have bought an arduino uno and trying to connect it to my computer by following the 'Getting Started' instructions. In instruction it say that to update the Arduino com from Port menu, but I can't find Ardunio COM1 in my port menu. I tried to upload the program to check if it is connected or not and it say Com1 not found. Please anyone help me with this.


What operating system is your computer running?

Which version of the Arduino IDE are you running?


Easy way - Unplug the Arduino, look at the list of com ports displayed by the IDE, now plug in the Arduino and check the list again. You should have a new/additional port displayed. Thats the one you want. Always works for me.



My operating system is windows7 and arduino version is1.0.3 .


I have get it sorted now.

Thank You.


How did you do it? I have/had the same problem with my Dell notebook and Windows 7. Sometimes a reboot worked for me, but mostly it didn't.. I'm just curious^^


Go to Device Manager>Other devices>Unknown device. Click on unknown device and update the deriver software by selecting "ArduinoUNO.inf" (it should be in your downloaded Arduino files) and then check the Port(COM & LPT) in Device Manager, you should now see Arduino UNO R3 (COMxx).
After doing that, go into IDE tools select the right Serial Port i.e COMxx

Thats what I did.


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