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Hello Guys and Girls!
I have a question about Surveillance with Arduino products.

I want to secure a room with networkequipment in it. There should be a camera, a temperatuer-sensor and a humidity sensor, a servo to open the door and something to authenticate the user, like a num-pad to enter a passcode (not sure if I should try something with biometrics...).

All these informations should be transmitted over the network to a Server, put into a database and the parameter should be accessable via web.

Which Board would you suggest? Would the Leonardo work for this purpose? I'm an Arduino newbie, but I want to do this, so I can learn a bit! It's more a task I want to do, than a Task I have to do :)

Also: How does the Arduino write the Information into the database? I can't imagin a way this could work.

Thank you! Greetz!


A regular UNO won't be able to handle everything, so maybe a Mega or Due, would be you best bet to work. Also there is no arduino that can handle Video, so maybe look into a raspberry Pi.
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Put the main application on a server. You can buy USB sticks for monitoring temperature and humidity - just leave them plugged in to a host with the appropriate software running. Use an ordinary USB web cam plugged into the server and use an application to do whatever you want with it. There is plenty of freeware that will do motion detection and capture video sequences for you. I don't know whether you intended to put those in a database as well, but I don't see the point of that.

I suggest using an Arduino just as an interface to the keypad and servo. Write a sketch that sends PIN attempts to an application on the server that validates the PIN, logs the access attempt (captures a still photo or two if you want) and then sends back a command to the Arduino to move the servo to unlock the door for a few seconds if the access request was accepted.

The Arduino has almost nothing to do, and you could use any of them.

Remember to leave yourself another way in if the solution fails or there is a power failure.


Which Board would you suggest?

You can get a mega and ethernet shield on ebay probably for less than $40 shipped. Then do some experimenting on the various parts of your project.
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Wow! Thanks a lot!

So Arduino ist not capable of Video?  Didn't know that.. Thanks for the answers!
I'm sure I'm going to find a workaround^^

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