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I'm currently working on a project that needs independent operation of 6 linear actuators.  I was planning on using an Arduino Mega with three motor shields but after looking around I can't say for sure if its possible to have three motor shields coupled with the Mega.  I just want to make sure that it is possible before purchasing the shields.  I have seen independent operation of 4 motors using 2 shields with some pin trimming.

The project is just extending one of the actuators after sensing a corresponding input and then retracting.  So I need 6 pins available for inputs as well.

The current draw of each actuator is 2A and they are 12V.  Only one actuator will be moving at any given time and I don't need to use PWM as they will be used full speed each direction.



You should be able to operate the actuators using two 8 relay boards like below (four actuators per board)

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I'll check into that, thanks for the response.  I'm relatively new to the whole Arduino world so I'm not as familiar with all the add-ons and options that are available to do this.  The other option I considered was just building a circuit with all the necessary transistors and H-bridges but I would rather avoid that if possible.

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