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"will it work" will depend on a lot more than just the supply. However, you mentioned you were looking for a 9 2A power supply (which I linked to). The one you linked to is a 9V 3A power supply. They will both work the same, with the difference being that the one you linked to can source more current.

Basically if you wanted to draw about 2A of current, using a 3A supply would be safer.


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You could try this idea (modified from a Silicon Chip design):

note: You can't really escape the limitation of the PTC fuse on the board though but you do apply power at the same time this way.


Am I the only one thinking that all the people responding here are not aware of that OP is using a Hobby servo ? e.g. two pins for power and one with a PWM signal for position. A transistor or whatever won't do a damn thing!

OP: Get a 6V 2A power supply for supplying the servo.

// Per.

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