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Hi all,

I am currently working on a project with NMEA 0183 senteces. My main aim is to rearrange NMEA 0183 sentences from a gps and a Garmin intelliducer depth sounder. So far I am able to eliminate the unwanted sentences and get the readings I need. Now I am want to be able to just print just data without the sentences. I.e. On the serial monitor
Time, Depth, Lat, Long
Essentially create my own sentence. Just wondering if any1 has any experience in doing this?


I don't understand the question...

Surely you just need to have lines like:

Code: [Select]

Serial.print(GPS.latitudeDegrees, 4);
Serial.print(", ");
Serial.println(GPS.longitudeDegrees, 4);

If this was a Civil Engineering forum would there be posts like "I need to build a bridge. Someone send me drawings."


Hi thanks for the reply. I have not much experience with coding and have been learning through the tutorials on the IDE and from a few pages I found. I didn't think it would this simple, but will give it a try. Due to my lack of experience I seem to complicate things 

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