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I've been making an OBD-II data logger with Arduino, which logs data like vehicle speed, engine RPM etc., to a SD card. With my OBD-II adapter for Arduino, this is not difficult implement. I used a small OLED display module to display status and some realtime data of the vehicle.

Currently it looks like this:

Logged data is rendered with HighCharts like following. Actually I am going to make the rendering a web service so everyone can view the data easily.

I have published my sketch and some more details on here on my website. The source code of this OBD-II data logger uses following Arduino libraries:

  • SD Library (for accessing SD card)

  • Wire Library (for communicating with I2C OLED display module)

  • Arduino OBD-II Library (for accessing vehicle data through OBD-II port)
My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog


Did you drive in the same gear ?

it looks like between 11:00 and 11:15 you switched gears, correct?
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I was driving a VW Scirocco with 7-DSG gearbox, so the gear is changing quite often.
My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog


My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog

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