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I am trying to read the USB data from a Wacom tablet on my Arduino Mega ADK. I have no idea where to start and was looking for guidance. Essentially, the tablet acts as a Human Interface Device (HID) and I want to Serial.println the data for debugging. How can I get my arduino to read from the USB port? Is it better to go about this another way? The tablet also has serial output, so I could communicate with the Arduino using serial if that is easier.



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Edit: I just read the the Mega ADK has a onboard USB Host controller.
I think you can use the same code as the code for the USB Host Shield.

Which Wacom tablet is it ? It doesn't behave like a usb mouse I think.
Serial would be a lot easier.
In linux is some support for the Wacom tablets, perhaps you can read in the source code how they have done it.


It is a Su-13W02E-03A digitizer from a tablet pc. It does support both USB and Serial data, so I can use whatever is easier. I am going to build a breakout board for the digitizer today to try and read data with Arduino. Would a Serial.println (DigitalRead(7)) work?

I am pretty new to Arduino and Serial communication, so any help is appreciated


I wish it would be that simple.

Do you know what the pins are ?
Do you know the serial baudrate ?
Do you know the communication protocol ?

The best way is to use one of the unused serial ports, and echo to the serial monitor what is received.
But you need an example of someone who has done this, otherwise I would not know how to do it. You want to implement a driver into an Arduino, that's not an easy task.


Apparently it is only USB compatible, which limits my options. I really just want to dump any data from the board to an SD card to read later.
I'm not sure if there is any handshaking or anything going on behind the scenes before data is exchanged to the PC, so hopefully I can just read and dump the data with an Arduino

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