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I want to start with arduino, i've had a little basic things on school.
But I want more!
What must i buy? (ardiuno due, uno, mega, etc.)
What for sensors are easy to use?

Thanx, arder

Sorry for my bad english 

Nick Gammon

Something like this should get you started:


That has a Uno, some hook-up cables, LEDs, sensors, etc.

A lot of sensors are easy to use, it depends a bit on what you want to do.

If you can afford a bit more, how about the BOE bot?


That's pretty cool, it has wheels and motors, sensors, etc.


The BOE bot does not include the Arduino however.


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Thanx for the quick reply.

I think i go for a starters pack but there are more packs.
I found on this site a few:


It's a dutch site i hope it's not a problem

Nick Gammon

The BOE bot does not include the Arduino however.

Good point. Add another $30 to get the Arduino to go with it.

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