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The image posted by Denbo looks more like a R2 clone - no SDA and SCL pins. If this is true of Learning's board as well, then it's not only not genuine, it is also not a R3.

Nick Gammon

Your 'tone' was condescending, and I don't think that's what is intended on the forum.

No-one's attacking you, Learning. But it's always annoying when someone gets sold a "real" Uno that is in fact counterfeit, but also a bad counterfeit, so then they come onto the forum supported by the sales of the genuine product.

So (assuming it is not genuine) they have taken someone else's intellectual property, violated the trademark, and then piggyback onto someone else's forum for technical support.

It's not your fault, you were no doubt sucked in by the "bargain" price. But take it easy on attacking people trying to help you.


Hey Learning can you post a pic of your Uno??  I am curious if it has the other 'features' of a fake arduino such as the chip markings sanded down.

You should return it to CE-Compass.  They have a 30 day return policy and a 15% re-stocking fee but if you prove it is a knock-off I think they might wave that (assuming they are reputable).   If you decide to return it let us know the outcome.


The typeface being wrong on the silkscreen was the giveaway to me.

A real uno will have the box and stickers with it, and the made in Italy thing on the back.

Nick Gammon

However, the device came in a bulk pack, much like what I've come to think is the OEM method of shipping ...

When I've bought Arduinos from Adafruit, they always come in the "official" box which has colour printing on it. So it appears that Arduinos, even when shipped in bulk to resellers, are not shipped in plain boxes. After all, it's not like a hard disk, where an OEM would take it out of the box, throw the box away, and put the hard drive into a computer. The Arduino is the end product.

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