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I am looking for a safe way to interface a high current low voltage relay to an Arduino. I had in mind a large FET but what type? I am uncertain whether or not to include an opto isolator.
I have various low voltage and high current alarms in the sketch which will drive the digital output when the output should switched on or off but the final piece of the circuit is evading me.

Any Ideas gratefully received. I would upload the sketch and circuit to share but I don't know how.



The diagram suggests you're only switching a relay - how much is a 'large current'?


If I just switch the relay - a few hundred milliamperes. However, a more elegant idea would be to solid state switch the entire load of up to 30 amps. The problem is the same, I am not sure how to achieve it without frying something.



There are small inexpensive automotive relays designed for that kind of current.




@Lefty - Thanks, but the problem is how to switch them from an arduino

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