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Example XBee Shield
Original: www.libelium.com
Fake: www.libelinm.com

Original: M. Yarza
Fake: M. Yerze

Original: ArduinoXBee
Fake: ArduinoxBee

Original: http://site.gravitech.us/Arduino/XBeeShield/ARD-XBEE_3.jpg

Fake: http://img2.buyincoins.com/sinedya/zigbee-xbBee-module_02.jpg
I'm deaf.



you know,the ARDUINO UNO R3 sells 8$ in China.
Just kidding.


the Chinese would never fake a product they didn't design


you know,the ARDUINO UNO R3 sells 8$ in China.

Yes they ought to be strung up for "passing off", it is fine if they call it something but pretending to be something that it is not is actually illegal.
I bet the FCC certificate is fake as well.

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