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Thanks; it worked with 6 volt :Ds. But why it was troubling with 9volts? I thought it have an internal pullup resistor in the circuit! :~

If "it" is the servo, most servos are rated for 4.8v-6v operation. Higher voltages may cause erratic operation or damage the servo.
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So initially when I was driving it from the board, it current was the limitation? hmm; got it now.


Hey , i am facing a similar problem , i have given a 5volts (stepped down from 12 volts ) to the board , the 9g servo runs properly but i have a 60g avionic servo , if i connect it in the same way and try ,the servo starts once and then stops , also can someone explain the improper rotation with these servos , i am really out of ideas and a bit frustrated .( i used the library , sweep sketch )


Sanath, I'm not sure from your description how you have it wired- do you have the servo getting power from Arduino or its own power as shown in zoomkat's picture?

My starting point for any servo "funnies" has become: give the servo its own power even if it's a small servo, and see if the problem goes away.
Roy from ITCrowd: Have you tried turning it off an on again?
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