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Hi all!

I did not find similar topics on the forum or on Google.

I have a question about the maximum current that Arduino DUE can supply from Vin pin (my arduino due is powered through the jack).

I have seen the schematic of Arduino Due, Vin is connected between the powerjack and a ferrite chip (MH2029-300Y).

The datasheet of the MH2029-300Y shows that the component can support 3A max.

So can I take almost 3A of peaks current from the Vin pin (minus the current consumption of arduino of course)?

Thank you




Drawing that much current effectively mutes the 47uF capacitor.
It sounds like you want to drive a high current load, motor solenoid etc. 
Driving such loads will likely cause problems with the controller as dips in Vin will effect the Arduino.
If you need external high current capability use 2 or more power supplies with common grounds.
The way you have it in your schematic isn't the same as how you have it wired up!


Hi, thank you

I want to use a sim908 (gps/gsm modem). It can works with 3.3v and it has peaks of 2.5A (short duration peak) when it transmits data.

So I will use a DC/DC converter from 12v to 3.3v as power supply for the sim908. I want to use Vin pin as source of DC/DC because I want to use a proto shield. So I will solder the sim908 and dc/dc converter on the proto shield. I could also use a 2200uF capacitor for the peaks of current.

I could connect the powerjack directly to the dc/dc converter but i don't want to solder cables on the jack, I want a "clean" circuit.
But i think that I will connect the powerjack directly to my dc/dc converter.

Thank you.




What you are planing is reasonable.
My guess would be a, 1000uf capacitor @ 10V or more, on 3.3v would be more than sufficient.
The way you have it in your schematic isn't the same as how you have it wired up!


The other thing to consider is that the copper traces on the pcb between the power
jack and the Vin pin, and also various ground pins, may not even be able to handle
3A without burning. Who knows? Probably best to just route power to the GSM module

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