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My led matrices (EC40-11GWB) came in a few days ago. After reading the data sheet: http://shop.emscdn.com/im/LED/EC40-11GWB.pdf I was unable to find out which pins on the matrix controlled which leds. Can someone tell me how to count the pins on the matrix so I can match it up to the data sheet. Ill post a picture after I find my camera.


The pin locations are shown on the first page - pin 1 at bottom left, going to pin 7 on bottom right, then 8 at top right going to pin 14 at the top left.
Pins are marked as if you were looking thru the device.
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Thanks for the help, looking through it never thought of that.  :)

Working Display

Pins with sticky note numbers

I didnt want to embed these because they are huge.

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