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With battery powered projects, the main issue is how long do you want the battery to last, before it has to be replaced.
Coin cells have extremely low capacity, 100 mah or so is typical.
They are mainly designed for backup, watches, anything that draws extremely low current , 10s of uA.



@ mauried-

yes.. I know about the CR2032 (that it wont work).. the question is about finding a suitable replacement (similar footprint but with more current output)


thanks.. if for some reason the 'coin cell' shaped/styled battery can be forgone....  I'll look into this type..

for right now though the round, coin cell shaped battery is what 'fits'..  maybe up (maybe) up to 25mm in diameter...  Id like to keep thickness and 'thin' as I can though..

I need a battery that can fit in the footprint.. as well as have a Typical (sometimes called Background or Continuous) Drain of at least (I think maybe 50-60mA... and a Pulse Drain of maybe 80mA)


Still need to know how long you want the battery to last for.
You say you need a battery that can supply 80 ma, but for how long?


If Im going off what my benchtop PSU is saying on the current LCD screen..

when I power up my Arduino/project... it says/shows 0.05-0.06A... which Im led to believe means my project is pulling 50-60mA...  correct?

When I press the button... (which plays an audio clip from the SD card.. as well as PWM fads a couple leds)...  the LCD screen for the current shows/display/jumps to 0.07-0.08A  (which is 70-80mA)...  correct?

this is just a 'display' prop so run time isnt 'too' important.. and can be a bit of a trade off.. if size and current can be 'found'..  :)

maybe 1 hour?  I'll take whatever (the most) I can get!  lol..

I just dont think a coin cell, even if I do 2 in parallel, will ever get me the current I need?

(coin cell shape area.. I have roughly 24mm diameter.. and maybe 4.5-5.0mm thickness for a solution)

has to have enough current

voltage can be +3.0 (probably not enough..but 'will work') to +5v....
and while not 'round' or coin cell shaped...

this 'almost' fits into the SIZE requirements:  https://www.sparkfun.com/products/731

but I dont think that will give me enough current either...  :(

anything? :)

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