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Topic: Shortcut to control 110v Linear Actuator with UNO? Need advice on next steps (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


A craft stick hot glued to a servo horn in a T fashon may be all that is needed. Servo centered the ends of the stick do not touch the buttons, rotate left and the left end of the stick pushes the left button, rotate right and the right end of the stick pushes the right button. People have done similar to operate the zoom rocker switch on the older camcorders. Dual nc/no switches are common in inexpensive toys (I've got a winch that uses the dual button setup for in/out control).
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Yeah really good ideas zoomkat. I also found a nice 100mm slide pot that I can attach mechanically for position presets.





Well, you're good at ebay :) That last switch look like one of those that requires considerable force to switch - mostly to be safe. I am just guessing. but it would probably be too hard for a little servo. If you like the servo idea then get two simply micro switches and do some mechanical arrangement. It is a bit Goldberg like, so the relay is still simpler. I think those relay modules are OK.


Could you post a picture of the label on the motor or copy the information on it over here ?

These actuators sometimes have an "encoder" wheel, that sends a pulse per rotation of the motor or its wormwheel driving the shaft.
If this one does not have that, you might be able to build it in yourself.
This would probably be better than to use a potmeter.
Have a look at "blink without delay".
Did you connect the grounds ?
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