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A long time ago I made an HP spectrum analyzer display a TV picture. Couldn't hear the sound but it was a fairly decent black and white picture (well green and white). We also used to make oscilloscopes display patterns. I thought I'd try it with the Arduino. I only used programming and some passive components.

Here's three I got going using the Arduino - square, diamond, and circle :D

Completely useless but fun.

Coding Badly


I remember playing Tempest in college in the student union in the early 80's.
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Not so stupid scope trick.  ;)




Haha! Tempest! Yea baby! That's what I'm after - classic graphics with the Arduino!  :smiley-yell:


Not actually arduino but I like playing with Scopeshapes http://sourceforge.net/projects/scopeshapes/. It's windose but runs fine under Wine.
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I got that scope back in 1986, and I paid $461 for it. A Rigol DS1052 costs about $330. However, this scope is pure analog - no "funny business" going on inside that baby! But ... I'll probably buckle and get a new digital scope, I mean, the screen colors are so pretty ...

Here's a hexagon - Looks better in person because my camera effects the image.


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I have 8080 assembler source for a version of the original Space Wars vector graphics game from an old edition of Byte, for display on a scope.
The spacecraft and projectiles are subject to the gravity of the star at the centre of the screen.
I actually implemented it in spare time on an 8080 system I worked on in the early 80s, also implementing a "boss" switch to replace the display with a more normal-looking trace for when management was around.
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I have 8080 assembler source for a version of the original Space Wars vector graphics game from an old edition of Byte, for display on a scope.

That's vintage stuff alright.

Here's a circle with dashes - again sorry for the bad picture. Ah well, guess I'd better move on to bigger and better Arduino projects.


i still have eprom images from those games

and folks say hoarding is unhealthy

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