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Are you talking about programming the xbee modules? Actually what i meant was whether or not there exists a way that you can burn "sketches" on to an arduino board while it has a shield or two mounted over it? Or do i have to take the shield off before i burn the code?
[I apologize for not being able to put the question straight enough...Hope this makes it easier to understand]


The problem with many shields is that the XBee only connects to pins 0 and 1.  As long as those are connected to an XBee and the power is on, you can't program either one of them. If you use different pins for the serial connection to the XBee, you do not have to remove it to program the arduino.

So, is your shield capable of connecting the XBee serial in and out to pins other than 0 and 1 on the XBee?

You DO NOT have to use pins 0 and 1 to talk to the XBee, none of mine are.  But, how easy it is to connect to a different pin depends on the shield.
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