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This one uses Prolific PL2302 USB Driver with 12MHz crystal for the USB/Serial interface.

"Compatible with Arduino UNO 2011. You will need Prolific PL2302 USB Driver.
Select Prolific serial port and Arduino Uno in Arduino IDE. Also includes USB Cable.
Works with XP, Vista, Win7, but NOT Win8! "

Made by the same Chinese group that makes the 'better' CP2102 modules (with DTR pin accessible on a thru hole pad)

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yes, if its betemcu their designers are quite competent. they also designed the most popular usbasp which has been copied many times over.


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so is this one , a duino on 1 side and a PIC on the other side .a PicNDuino !
a double sided board at a good price



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We definitely need yet another clone, little different from most.

Here's my own idea of not-quite-another-clone board, that I've been using on
my ServoTank for the past year,


We definitely need yet another clone, little different from most.

Here's my own idea of no-quite-another-clone board, that I've been using on
my ServoTank for the past year,

Well in my mind there is a different between a ardino clone and a arduino compatible board.

Clone = made from the open source hardware design files that arduino published, with no circuit changes.
Compatible = made with changes in the circuitry or significant components, or significant physical layout.



That's why I called it no(t)-quite-another-clone.


Does anybody have this board running on Windows 7 64-bit?


Why should be an issue? I have 2 mega's 2 uno's a handful of pro-mini's and currently 3 bare 328's running code through 3 different USB devices... I am using Win 7 Ult, a 6 core AMD 6100 @ 3.3 GHZ and 8 gig's of ram. I run 1.0, 1.01 and the ERW 1.03 IDE's. ALL with no issues whatsoever. If the drivers for the USB devices are properly installed there should never be an issue using any Arduino board or FTDI adaptor... and all work the same on my little OLD Dell D610 laptop running Win7 Ultimate 32bit...

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