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Hi Gang

I'm thinking of purchasing the following RFID Module;


I found the following example code;

Code: [Select]
This is a sample code for RDM630 RFID reader by Spekel(Spekel.se)
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#define rxPin 2
#define txPin 3
char code[20];
int val = 0;
int bytesread = 0;
//create a Serial object RFID
SoftwareSerial RFID= SoftwareSerial(rxPin, txPin);

void setup()
 Serial.println("Serial Ready");
 Serial.println("RFID Ready");
 pinMode(rxPin, INPUT);
 pinMode(txPin, OUTPUT);
void loop()
 val = 0;
 bytesread = 0;

 while(bytesread < 12)
   // read 12 digit code
   val = RFID.read();
   if(val == 3)
   { // if header or stop bytes before the 10 digit reading
     break; // stop reading

   if(val != 2)
     code[bytesread] = val; // add the digit
     bytesread++; // ready to read next digit
     code[bytesread] = '\0'; // add the NULL

 if(bytesread >= 12)
 { // if 12 digit read is complete
   Serial.print("Tag: [");
   for(int i=0; code[i]!='\0' ; i++)
   Serial.println("]"); //print the whole 13 bytes

I was wondering if someone could explain what the following two lines do;

Code: [Select]
code[bytesread] = '\0'; // add the NULL


Code: [Select]
for(int i=0; code[i]!='\0' ; i++)



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jase :)


The sketch is commented. It clearly tells you that /0 is adding the NULL terminator to the end of the bytes read.

All strings should be terminated with a NULL. If you use a chat array to read in bytes then you should terminate the string with a NULL. Therefore if you want to hold 20 characters, your char array would need to be 21 to hold the extra NULL to terminate the string.

The other bits just set a loop up to read each byte and add to the array, or read valid characters from the array until it encounters the NULL (/0) signifying the end of the string.


Hi tack

Thanks for the reply. I'm starting to get it. Much appreciated.


Jase :)

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