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Dear All,
I am quite new to Arduino and have been trying to build a home automation for my home.

I want to know if anyone has used RFM69W with arduino Uno R3 successfully.  After browsing through the various websites I came to know that RFM69W for 433MHz is quite reliable RF module and can be used as receiver and transmitter for home applications.
It would be great if someone can provide me the link for the examples covering arduno Uno R3 interfacing with RFM69W (433MHz).

Also, would like to know Compatibility of ATTiny with RFM69W.

Thanks in advance.


Low Power Labs stuff is meant to be quite good and they have a RFM69 library here with examples. Not sure about tiny compatibility though.
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Fine thanks for your inputs.

There is other module RFM12b/RFM22b / RFM23. 

Does anyone have practical experience of using RFM12B as what is the typical range covered by it.

I still exploring these modules for using it in my automation project.


If you dig around on the LowPowerLabs site you will find most all the info you would need.
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