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Hello everyone,

for the past few months me and some of my friends have been workling on a large scale automated guided vehicle project. The plan was to build an autonomous robot, large scale model of a forklift sideloader. It was ment to be more an educational machine not a practical one, so it wasn't designet to move any heavy loads, just symbolic pacgages made of wood. For navigation system i've chosen line following, because it's cheapest.

After few hundred hours spent welding and programming that's what happened  :smiley-eek:

Promo video

- length: 140 cm
- width: 90 cm
- weight: 105 kg
- power suppy: 70Ah / 12V car battery
- maximum fork height: 100 cm
- max speed: turtle alike

Control system:
- Toshiba laptom running MATLAB
- Arduino UNO
- Micro maestro servo controller
- web camera as a line following sensor

-  2 x Graupner Speed profi 900bb Torque
- 2 x 1 : 240 worm reductor
- 2 x battery screwriver motor for fork system

Program flowchart is in attachment of thist post. Currently most of the line following is done in MATLAB, all the fork system is controlled via Arduino. More detailed description about authors and current state is in video description.


Future plans:

As mentioned before i've shosen line following navigation because it's the cheapest. Web camera as a sensor was free. Now i realize i''ve made a mistake. The image processing can be slow, and using a PC instead of a controller is necesary and risky.

That 's why i'm planning to purchase a magnetic tape sensor and use a few arduinos instead of laptop for control purposes. The sketching work has allready begun and i hope that, in a few months time, i'll be presenting you a new video, with just Arduino controlled AGV.

Ps: if you have any questions, do not hasitate to ask


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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


I have a question for an open floor. I'll appreciate your help:

Since i am green with complex projects using only Arduino, i need an advice, opinion. As mentioned in the first post i am curently using laptop as a main controller for the AGV. Because of a few issues using laptop and a web camera as a sensor i'll be replacing the whole electrical system in a few months:

- web camera will be replaced by magnetic tape guide sensor. I was thinking about purchasing this one:
Have anyone any experience working with that kind of sensors? Is it a good idea to purchase this one? Alternatives?

- Laptop computer will be replaced by two Arduinos. An UNO will cunduct a communication with SQL database via X bee. It will recieve instructions on how to manuver in different crossroads. A Mega will be running algorithm that follows line. It will be communicating with magnetic tape guide sensor and compass.

The shematics look like this:

What should i change? What is OK? I like the modular design and space is not a problem.
I appreciate any opinion because two heads are better than one!

Holy crap that's brilliant

Thanks JimboZA! ;)


Brilliant work!

Have you had any success with the MGS1600 magnetic tape sensor? I would like to know about your experience, as I am making a similar project in a very dirty environment where optical guidance will not be very robust.


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