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Topic: can I ping between 2 boards and make them react to the ping? (Read 967 times) previous topic - next topic


Well the title more or less describes my question.

I have two arduino boards, both with the wifi shields, which are currently communicating with cosm(pachube). This part works fine and the feeds are running as they should. What I am interested in doing is having each board react when the other board sends a new value to its feed. I know it's possible through a server using API's and POST/GET requests or something along those lines, but I was thinking if it's possible to simply send a ping to the other board's IP address and have it react to the ping? That would make my life a lot easier as I'm not that skilled at the server side of things.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


I doubt it - I don't think your sketch will see evidence of any ICMP activity - the shield handles it. You could do something equivalent with UDP packets though.


Ok, that's also what I suspected. I will look into UDP packets and see if I can make it work.  :)


Hmm it seems that the wifi shield and UDP isn't up and running, even though the shield is advertised as capable of doing it.

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