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Hi all,
I just buy and arduino due based on atsam3x8e, this chip that is also featuring an hardware MII/RMII interface suitable to be used with any PHY device.

The problem is that now that I have this piece of hardware in my hands I cannot found any ETH connector. The connector is present inside the OFFICIAL arduino due schematics pdf.
Where is the connector? Why it isn't present inside board...

A really frustrate


Unfortunately, the ETH connector is in the reference schematic but not placed on the reference board. I guess that the designers were unable to find space for it. I don't know if this will be included in a future revision of the design.

The TAIJIUINO which is similar to the Due does have a footprint for an ETH connector on the board.
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I guess that the designers were unable to find space for it.

That's being charitable, there's room to drive a bus through on that layout :)

We've commented on the disparity between the documentation and the real thing before.

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