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New Arduino user here.

Been doing multiple tutorials and now want to undertake a personal project.
I would like to be able to control Winamp externally with my Arduino via serial communication. Problem being I know how to send the signal to my PC, however I do not know how to go
about receiving/processing the signal.

Here is basic video of what I wish to accomplish...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


What operating system are you using on the PC?

In what way do you want to control Winamp - are the things you want to do all accessible via keyboard shortcuts?


Using Windows 7 64bit.

Would just like something similar to media functions on the keyboard (skip, play/pause, stop). I realize I can just alter keybinds in Winamp directly and utilise these functions, however I would prefer to be able to do this via arduino (even just for the sake of learning).


I too am curious about this -- what are the typical methods/languages used to read Serial data and then enact Windows events?
I suppose you would start by having the Arduino output to serial, then based on the Serial characters read, you would have to trigger Windows actions -- How?

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