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Hi, i'm currently working in a proyect using the arduino mega r3, sparkfun fingerprint sensor, and a wifi shield. I need to capture the fingerprint image from the sensor, and send it to a web server through wifi, i was wondering if this is possible due to the reduced size of the mega's ram, if it is, then what would be the best way to do this (using prog memory, sd storage, as a buffer)?


Is it even possible to get the image from the scanner? I doubt it.

A link to the hardware would help.

In general, though, the scanner does not form an image. It computes a value from a scan line, and collects those values in memory, until the scan is complete. Then, it computes a value from the scan line values, and compares it to a list of known values, and simply returns the position of the scanned fingerprint in the list of known fingerprints, or -1 if the scanned print is unknown.
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This is the sensor: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11651
As the datasheet says, you can either take the templates it creates from the fingerprints, or take the image by communicating with the sensor through serial. There is also a video on youtube explaining its use, but i couldnt find the link right now. All i need is the BMP it generates when it scans a fingerprint.

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