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I am currently creating a piece that requires 5 solenoids to be activated simultaneously by a proximity sensor.  

I am now having difficulty with the external power. if each solenoid is 12v I will need a total of 60v then (less is okay)... to measure amperage I can just use a multi-meter? will it need to have a load when measuring?

SHOULD I combine all voltage and use a 60v power supply? or make my life easier and use multiple adapters?  it is the amperage that is confusing me.

(first terminal is coming in from arduino pin 13, all share arduino GRND, and second terminal is where power supply will be)

Would really appreciate some feed back!!! thanks :)

there are diodes so please ignore the (diodes??)

attached is my code;


You need to edit that posting (code is unreadable) and
a) use the # button to get proper code tags to quote the code
b) ensure it isn't getting mangled in the copy/paste operation (preview to make sure)
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thanks, sorry about that. the question has actually changed.... unless of course my circuit is incorrect.


actually DDRYA,
though picture speak a thousand word, for the life of me i cant actually see what type of transistor ur using, whether the yellow wire on top is the positive or the negative side of the circuit. however about our question, usually when you are powering a project and want to switch on and of a solenoid it is always better that you make the connection parallel.So in that sense you could use a 12Vdc power supply but 14Vdc would be a better choice since there would be a drop in the transistor, however i would also warn you that the arduino have an absolute max Vdc input of 12Vdc.
So my suggestion to you is that,
if you are willing to use 2 power supply then,
1 7Vdc power supply for your arduino and 1 14Vdc power supply for your solenoid.
use a single 12Vdc power supply, is good for both.


You really need to try and draw out and post the circuitry in schematic form (with component values and part numbers) and also show how the solenoids wire up and how the arduino controls the transistors. Without that it's just a bunch of guesses of what may or may not be wrong with your wiring.


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