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I hope this modification is okay.

I suppose i have 2 questions.

1. what should be external power supply be and where can I get one?

2. do I have to change pin 13 since I am using solenoids instead of LED now?


if each solenoid is 12v I will need a total of 60v then

Seems unlikely, you'll need 12 or a little more as Ash remarked. What you need to worry about is how much current the supply can provide. Look at the documentation for your solenoids to find the maximum draw and that'll tell you the absolute minimum you need from a power supply. Some headroom and some allowance for the consumption of the other components would be sensible, but I'd expect the solenoids to be the lion's share of it.


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Great I really appreciate the help. Just to clarify I will be powering arduino via its 5v power supply.  So the additional 12v external supply will be enough for 5x12v solenoids?  And I only need to concern myself with current?    


Yes, but you will have to select a 12V power supply that can supply at least five times whatever current one solenoid draws and you would not want to be running the supply at its limit, so you will need some additional current capacity too.


THANK YOU!!! willl test this once the solenoids arrive!!!

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