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If you could point me out a suitable low pass filter I'll be all set (and leave you guys alone)

That's not quite as easy. The R/C values of the resistor and cap depends on the switching frequency of the PWM signal of 490hz, the input impedance of the the device receiving the signal and how much signal ripple your device can handle. I've used a 5K resistor and a 10MFD cap in series with the cap going to ground and measured pretty clean analog voltage values, but I don't know if that filter value would respond quick enough for your device receiving the signal. You will have to experiment some, unless someone else has a better guess.



I'll just buy a couple filters and see what works. The less lag the better.


Update: My mega came yesterday and I wired it up to test to see if PWM would be sufficient. It worked about 10% of the time. Kept throwing a check engine light and a "throttle voltage too low" error code. When it did work it was extremely smooth and responsive. My question is would a 50v 10mfd cap and a 5k 1/4 watt res work as a good testing starting point or am I way off? (don't want to break my new mega or my ecu)

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