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Hi again!  :) :) :)

Remember my crying about the fluxamasynth bagpipe....well I am almost done with that project and it will be very simple fix
what I have for you all.

The openpipe works with the fluxamasynth, I programed the instrument to be set as 109 (bagpipe) but when I do some notes
it changes to 0 (piano).

this is what I think is the problem.

Code: [Select]
//byte note = 0; //The MIDI note value to be played
byte resetMIDI = 4; //Tied to VS1053 Reset line
byte ledPin = 13; //MIDI traffic inidicator
int instrument = 0;

the code was made for a music instrument shield from sparkfun dot com.
I had to change the rx (1) and tx (4) numbers for this code to get sound out of the fluxamasynth.
I think the problem lies in the VS1053 Reset line.


this is what I think is the problem.

Nothing wrong with that code. Mind you it doesn't do anything either so that is little surprise.

If you want help you have to post all your code.


This code is wrong:-
Code: [Select]
int note_on(int note, int vel){
    t_midiMsg midiMsg;
    midiMsg.msg.command = MIDI_COMMAND_NOTE_ON;
    midiMsg.msg.channel = MIDI_DEFAULT_CHANNEL;
    midiMsg.msg.data2 = note;
    midiMsg.msg.data3 = vel; /* Velocity */
    Serial.write(midiMsg.raw, sizeof(midiMsg));

Because you are sending 4 bytes of data instead of three.
The midi channel should be merged with the midi command not sent as a separate byte.
This applies to all the functions you do like this.

Why do you have this method of sending MIDI when you have a perfectly good set of functions to do this in the sketch?


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I don't know what you mean.

should I get rid of

Code: [Select]
midiMsg.msg.data3 = vel; /* Velocity */

Or program the code to handle it.

How much of this code do I have to change?

Oh I see merge command with channel..... but how?

Maybe every part where command and channel is piece it two gether. I still don't know how.

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