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Last month I designed my first custom PCBs using a program called "Fritzing" and ordered a small batch of them from an online service. You can order really small quantities, I ordered six each of Tiny84 development board, Tiny85 development board and a bunch of tiny boards to put into some Tiny85-based gadgets I've got planned.

The boards arrived last week...

I just got all the parts together to build up one of the Tiny85 development boards, so here it is: The Tiny85duino!

I built the first board in no time. You don't realize how much time you spend cutting up bits of wire, stripping them, tinning them and soldering them until you don't have to do it any more.

It all worked perfectly, here it is blinking its very first LED.

While I was building it I spotted a couple of ways I could improve it, mostly through better labeling of the parts. The labels didn't come out very well because I had to use a very small font to get the text on the board (the PCB is tiny - only 26x17mm, 1 inch x 5/8ths of an inch). I also realized the most logical way to use the device on the table was upside down to the way I designed it.

I don't think I'd change much apart from the labeling though. I had no problems fitting the components apart from the ceramic capacitor which had its legs too far apart (I had to straighten them to get it to fit - no big deal).
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Very cool. What service did you use?

OSH Park. I liked the purple/gold combination (although in real life it's not as purple as I hoped it would be...)

No, I don't answer questions sent in private messages (but I do accept thank-you notes...)


To make it more purple, put a copper pour / ground plane on it. The copper reflects the light through the purple making it much more striking.

The FR4 substrate is a slightly yellow color, which dulls the purple.


The Tiny85duino

How cool is that? How can I get a couple of blank PCBs?
Now that my 'Bobuino' 644P/1284P board is running I need a new target chip to play with.


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