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Newbie question: Sorry I have looked around but can't seem to find a definitive answer (possibly because there isn't one), I'm not being lazy!

If I have a high power 5V 10A regulated DC power supply like in the link below can I power a strip of LEDs and my Arduino directly using the 5V pin? I've seen both yes and nos. Is it more of an "at your own risk" deal? It seems a bit of a shame to have to have two power supplies for one project, especially as I've got 5V right there!


Oh, and just a safety note, those types of power supplies seem quite dangerous with the live connections on the outside like that, I assume I just need to put it in a project box to keep it safe. It's surprisingly hard to find 5V 10A power supplies in a sealed container in the UK.



There is some speculation that using a regulated 5V supply on the +5V pin might possibly damage the 5V regulator.  I don't think it has ever happened and since you don't plan to use the regulator anyway, it doesn't really matter.

I would go ahead and power the Arduino through the +5V pin.
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