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Hi guys.
I'm thinking of adding a 10" lcd touch screen to my project.
How is it working? To load images and so on...
I've had a look at atmel site and there was alot of touch controllers.
And a lot more questions.........

Basickly, help me! Where can I buy products like lcd, touch controllers and so on.
Cause, it would be funny to include a big screen to a project :)


What are you going to do with it? The arduino has very little memory to handle graphics.
It would be far cheaper if you got an android touch screen tablet to attach to your project.


I know I could buy finished product, but isn´t this what arduino is about. To make your own projects, make your own small things...
And yes, I know arduino don´t have any memory to run images...
But that is why we have memory card...
So anyone have an idea how and where to buy touch screens? 8-11"?



o anyone have an idea how and where to buy touch screens? 8-11"?

Here is one. But it will cost you many times more than you could adapt a commercial unit for.

I know I could buy finished product, but isn´t this what arduino is about.

The arduino is about making stuff yes but I think you are a little naive when it comes to display technology. After all you are looking to buy an LCD module are you not?


Hi Mike.
It´s just that I´m interested to make stuff. I´m also studying electronics, so I have a god understanding in electronics. And this is something we´re not learning at univeristy.
So thats why I ask here...
Whats my thougt about this is, to have a LCD TFT screen connected to arduino board. Schematics are stored in a SD-card.

It shouldn´t be so hard to do this?


so I have a god understanding in electronics.

That good wow.

A LCD screen needs to be constantly refreshed with the screen image. The Arduino can't do that because of lack of memory. Therefore you have to have a controller that has access to a memory that matches the display resolution and give it the task of doing the refresh. This controller has access to a port where you can talk to it and ask it to do things like change pixels or even draw straight lines. So to use an arduino you need this controller, memory and LCD display.

The problem is that LCD screens have a very short life, in terms of how long a manufacturer is willing to make them. They want to maximize their revenue so when the bulk order for the latest tablet phone or whatever is over they stop making it and move on. That means there is little available for the small guy like you and me. And what is available is very expensive as you can see. There is also very little documentation with such systems and what there is is very poor.
Look through what Farnell has to offer but maybe eBay is a better bet. However, you have to do a lot of work yourself on this unless you get to one that someone else has cracked.


Mike  :)
Thank you a lot :) This was really helpful!
So now i know I can't use arduino.

Again, thanks for your help so far :)

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