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Hi All

I am new to this and have read previous threads searching for guidance. I have been tasked with a Uni assignment to create a system that will allow a central computer (Arduino Software?) to allow a user to define how many 'Employees' are pressent that day, and which of the '10 Plant Room Doors' they can have have access to.
In my head, this seemed achievable at the time. I am aware that I will have to learn the programming code, and am happy to do this.
I was advised that the Uno would be capable of achieving the desired outcome, but cannot get my head around the initial 'How'
I have identified that the board has 14 useable pins for 'Signal In and Out' (Excuse my basic terminology) but thinking of coded keypads at each door and allocating a different code for each employee to enter at each door and then having this information somehow verified before entry is allowed, I think is somewhat muddling my brain.

I am not looking for anyone to offer me source codes, etc (I am fairly stubborn and have scoured the 'Net' for about 3 days before finally asking for help) I agree - it defeats the object of studying  : )
Could anyone advise if they believe the Uno is capable of this task and also if I will require more than one, please? t least I'll be in the right ball park
Many thanks in advance for any advice. 


What other hardware do you have?  Keypads, lock actuators, comm devices, etc.  If all you have is an arduino, I don't see how this can be done.


Thanks for the reply Draythomp

I currently have the Uno, Keypads, breadboards, circuit boards, wires, many various gates, etc to buid the circuitry and am simulating the 'Access' / 'No Access' with LED's which I have.

I have read other project reports that say the Uno will require at least 4 inputs to read the keypad inputs alone. (Does that mean that I would need 40 inputs for 10 keypads??)

I used a processor last year which used 'C' language that I got to grips with quite well on the programming side, so I am quite confident I can master the Arduino coding.

Can I use the Uno to store 'Keycodes' and then have the 'Keypads' send info back to the Uno? The Uno will then assess the information and set a pre-defined output (pin) to say...'High' for 'Correct code' and stay 'Low' for incorrect? In conjunction wit another signal, this would then power the relating LED. Again,I think I can master this, but am just looking to know what the Uno is capable of.

Again, I'm not proud seeking assistance, but any verication you can offer that I'm heading in the right direction will help me greatly.

Many thanks again

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