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I ordered a Due today, and decided to take a look at the IDE.  I downloaded the 1.5.2 version onto a fresh XP machine along with JDK 7.  The IDE crashes after showing the splash screen.  All other crash reports were on version 1.5.1 or 1.5.1r2 and don't resolve this problem.

Are there any log files that might point me to the problem?


..there is still the known issue with 1.5.2 when you have BT module on (ie an usb dongle). It hangs for a while when started..


I had files for the ATTiny series of chips in a folder called "Hardware" in my sketches folder. It caused problems with 1.5.1 if I remember correctly.


Can you try to run the IDE from command line (to see if we can get a better stack-trace)?
Could you send your preferences.txt and a zip containing your 3rd party hardware folder?


I am not sure if this helps.  But have had same problems with hardware folder with the Arbotix hardware which is used a lot on http://www.trossenrobotics.com/ robots using Robotis servos and the like.   When I use their released version of the libraries/hardware it will crash the IDE.  Over the last few days they have created a new fork of their stuff on Github that is supposed to address this.  So you could always download both versions of their hardware folder from github.



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