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hi this is vijay here .......

i am a new user of Arduino. i am having basic knowledge of board.i am using Arduino UNO.
i am planing to develop Blood pressure measurement device using Arduino as my processor.i am done with hardware part of my project.now i have to develop a code to process analog signal in Arduino. so i can make it as a portable device.For signal processing i have to develop a code for bandpass filter, lowpass filter and Hilbert transform.i am geting problems to do that and .......
My problems are:-
1. Is there any possibility to develop filter(using programing like DSP) using Arduino IDE or some other software.if yes, then how? i don't know much more about programing so please help me like a beginner.
2. If i will design filters, i mansion above.it will effect on processing speed?
3.Can i ask processes to do 2 job in a single time?

So please, i request u all to help me out for my problems.i will be very thankful of You.

Thank You


Yes you can implement a digital filter with an arduino. The higher the filter order the more processing power it takes. The filter's top frequency also depends on how much processing power you have.
The arduino is not well adapted for signal processing but you can do it.

A processor can do only one thing at once. The trick is to do it quickly enough so it looks like several things are happening at once.


Thanks a lot for the reply..
I would like to know how to design a filter in arduino.. Can you give an example or tell me how to write the code? If possible can u send a relevant link for the same.
Thank you


If you do a google search on "arduino signal processing", you will find many websites,
including the following. They will give you some idea about how fast you can do this
sort of computation. The Arduino is not a DSP chip, so will have limited ability for DSP.
It will take a non-trivial amount of work to accomplish too.



hi ....
Thanks for your comment and help.
i am having small dought here. can i use signal processing using Arduino Due.

Thank You.


hi ....
Thanks for your comment and help.
i am having small dought here. can i use signal processing using Arduino Due.

Yes but it is not very good at it. This means the top frequency you can deal with is limited and so you have to have a front end hardware filter to stop aliasing.

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