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The places the ants were stuck has nothing to do with the problem at all. That solder joint got cold over time (thermal expansion and contracting) over time which leads to a failed solder joint like that. Also if the component soldered in that joint has some mass, the vibration from you opening and closing of the door makes it shake loose over time, rendering you with the same problem.

This time it was not the fault of the bugs...

// Per.


It may also have touched the metal casing?  Looks like a high-current discharge caused the blackening.  The leads on that
board have not been cropped short, i.e. poor build quality.   Ants are usually associated with high voltage flashover in the mains
section of an appliance - they are one reason why mains wiring should never run close to sensitive low-voltage circuitry!
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Of course they're electromagnetic....ANTennas.

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