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Im searching for either a short or thin 4700uf capacitor formy project, does anyone have any recomendations?


What about voltage? Does it need to be 200V, 5V etc?


"Short or thin" are not units of measurement, they are vague descriptions at best, so your request is almost impossible to answer. Also as Cookies said you need to state the circuit voltage that the cap will be used in as that effects the physical size of the cap. Anyway, for a shot in the dark, how about this one:




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My approach:  Pick your favorite parts house, and see what brands they carry.  (For me, I use Digikey and Nichicon or Panasonic caps.)  Then, check the manufacturer's product page.  Nichicon, for e.g., has a whole line of electrolytic caps with different target goals.  They have high temp, high reliability, low ESR, small form factor, etc.  They have data sheets for each line that shows size vs. capacity and voltage.


Digikey is nice because you can filter for things like size.
Select the capacitor family, in this case aluminum to start, it is the only family to offer cap's of that value
Select cap value
Select mounting method.
In this case you will find that all are round - so it comes down to selecting a size you can live with, and a voltage range that is higher than you expect to have applied (by 25% to 50% minumum, this is known as derating the part).
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