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I want to know if it is possible to control 2 transistors using the same output port.
I want to use this to make an h-brindge, using just 2 output ports.

(the transistor that I will use is TIP122  )


this is the diagram(the top two transistors will be connected to the same pin, and the bottom two, to another pin)


what your asking is consider as a push pull transistor circuit, althought i cant really get what your wiring do, heres a link for you to read on

one thing you need to consider is that, never switch on the same side at the same time since it will produce a dead short



I know THAT . :P
but temmi will it work ?

I see no series base resistors in your picture, so I suspect it will not work for long if at all. You are much better off if you could post drawings in electrical schematic form as that is the universal language of circuitry not what you are using.



i will post it soon, only if u can temmi if it will work or not .

(im planning to use 120ohms resistor)
what say?



Nice drawing ;)

For whom does the clock pulse? It pulses for you!

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