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I am hoping someone clever here might be able to help.

I want to build a simulated davtron clock for a flight sim Learjet cockpit. The real clock displays zulu and local times as well as a timer and stop watch.

I have no knowledge on programming so if anyone can send a link or program listing I'd really appreciate it.
Here is a photo of the front panel.


Many thanks for any help provided.


Well I can tell you right away that you will need to get a RTC, (Real Time Clock module). The better the module is, the more functions it is more likely to have and the more you can do with it.

Do a search for RTC or Real Time Clock.
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Won't the time be provided by the simulator?
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Thak you for those quick replies.  :)

Yes, I did have a quick look at the RTC modules with the back up batteries. At $21 also much cheaper that a real Davetron 850 at $400.

As for the simulator, it does display the time on a monitor, but there is no way of getting that info into the real world from what I understand. FSUIPC is used to interface switches, pots and rotary encoders, even radio frequencies can be displayed on LED displays. The clock does not appear to be accessible. One option would be to buy an LCD monitor small enough to fit behind the front panel.

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