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I was using the micro board like I have been for a month or so now.  All of the sudden it started giving bogus data to the windows app I wrote.  I noticed that the top of the box I had installed in into was warm.  (I thought it was from the light about 10 inches away)  After this it won't work at all.  If I plug it into a usb port it will come up very briefly in the com ports section under device manager and even say arduino.  Then it goes to the unrecognized usb device, and a window pops up saying that it has failed to install drivers.   Also on the board itself the main led slowly blinks like normal when it starts up, but then it goes out and the rx light stays on indefinitely. 

I have tried other computers and such and the loop back test.  Nothing changes any of the symptoms.  The loop back test won't work because it is not recognized by windows.  All of the usb ports work fine if I plug something else into them.   

Is there any hope for the board?  Thanks, Victor.


Looks like I found the problem.  I am using the ads1115 chip (not breakout board!) .  I glued it to a blank breadboard and soldered it to the arduino.  My soldering skills are excellent but the tiny legs of the chip could not stand the pressure of the magnet wire. Even though I thought I had plenty of stress relief by gluing the wire down right next to the chip, it must of been to much and the sdl leg broke and rested on the vdd line.  I bought a new micro and everything is fine.  I am also buying a breakout board with the ads1115 already on it.  XD 

My question is can the board be revived?  Is there a specific chip that may have been fried that I can replace?  Thanks, Victor.


Ok I bought another board, and it worked great until I uploaded my sketch. Then it immediately did the same thing.  So it must be in my sketch.  I did see that I mistyped the number of averages in the smoothing example.  I wanted 10 numbers to average and I accidentally had 1000. So maybe that is the problem.   

Is there anyway to do a factory reset or delete the sketch?  I have to communications to the board over usb. Is there another way to get in the board?  thanks, Victor.

Louis Davis

Try this procedure to upload new code to the board:

1. Press and hold the reset button
2. Then hit the upload button in the Arduino software.
3. Only release the reset button after you see the message "Uploading..." appear in the software's status bar.


Worked like a charm! Thanks!  Guess I have two boards now!  8)

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