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  • In the Arduino IDE (programming application) open the sample blink application.

  • Open the Preferences window (menu Arduino -> Preferences). Tick both options near "show verbose output during:": both for compilation and upload. Confirm with Ok button.

  • Try to upload your program (either press the right arrow button in the program's window or choose menu File -> Upload).

  • Select and copy the log text appearing in the window below the program editor.

  • Paste what you have copied into a new reply to this post.

When you write your reply, remember to enclose the log within a code block. A code block can be created by pressing the # button in the menu above, look at smiley ;). It starts with "code" and ends with "/code" enclosed in squared brackets. Here is an example, with an extra space that should not be there, but prevents its being formatted:

[ code]
Your log goes here...
[ /code]

If you remove the spaces, after you post your reply it will be shown as
Code: [Select]

Your log goes here...


Thanks for your reply,

But I still don't know what I can do to solve my problem.

Can you give me more specific information or steps? I am a very first user, thanks for your helping.


You may want to enable verbose output (during upload) in Arduino preferences and post the log. The error itself is too generic.



I am a very first user of arduino. When I upload my program to my arduino, arduino programming application shows a error message. The following is the message which it shows "stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding". I have double checked Tool->Board and Tool->serial port before I upload my program. Before uploading the program, I have verify my program. The program code I try to upload is the sample in arudino application(Blink). Thanks for your replying.

arduino board: arduino UNO
laptop model number: MacBook Pro (2010 Mid) with Intel CPU
operating system: mac os x 10.8.2

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